Friday, June 9, 2017

Kitchen Charm Gives Back

Kitchen Charm
Kitchen Charm and its national network of culinary enthusiasts believes that giving back to the community is simply the right thing to do. Recently, Kitchen Charm made a $20,000 donation to Feed the Children.

Each month, Kitchen Charm hosts hundreds of culinary demonstrations that underscore the importance of healthy cooking, eating, and simply spending time with family creating memories around the dinner table. For the thousands of Kitchen Charm cookware owners throughout Canada, cooking is an act of love upon which the foundation of all good memories are built upon.

Kitchen Charm proudly supports the global efforts of the Feed the Children foundation, which provides necessary nutrition to children from birth up in areas where access to healthy food is nonexistent. The sale of Kitchen Charm cookware provides thousands of dollars to benefit organizations like this every year.

About Feed the Children

According to representatives from Kitchen Charm, Feed the Children was organized in the 1970s to help combat chronic malnutrition in children under the age of 18. The organization understands that poverty is the number one reason that children go hungry. The group’s volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that children in underdeveloped areas of both the United States and abroad get enough nutrition to grow up with whole and healthy bodies.

In the United States, Feed the Children operates an expansive fleet of long-haul trucks to deliver essential food and hygiene items to children from coast to coast. Kitchen Charm chefs assert that Feed the Children is also prevalent in areas such as Kenya, Honduras, and the Philippines.

In addition to food and water, Feed the Children operates a number of other programs designed to fill the needs of our future world leaders – the children. Books for Teachers and the Backpack Program provide educational materials to kids throughout the United States in school systems unable to provide books for each student.

Kitchen Charm is 100% committed to the Feed the Children organization and its mission to provide nourishing meals to every hungry child every day.

For statistics on childhood hunger or to make a tax-deductible donation visit