Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cooking with Kitchen Charm

Kitchen Charm
Kitchen Charm delivers a variety of products for the beginner to advanced chef and offers a waterless, oil-less cooking experience. Here, company representatives answer a few of the most common questions about Kitchen Charm’s unique and innovative cookware.

Q: What is the benefit of cooking foods without water or oil?

Kitchen Charm: Eliminating the need for oil means food is prepared with fewer calories and less fat. Removing oil and grease means you can cook lower fat meat in its own juices for the most flavorful entrĂ©e you’ve ever eaten. For vegetables, eliminating the need for additional water helps preserve food’s nutritional value and taste.

Q: What are some unique features of Kitchen Charm cookware?

Kitchen Charm: All of our superior quality cookware features SureGrip handles, which are ergonomic, won’t overheat, and make cleanup easy. Our Vapor-Sealed covers help lock-in flavor while the Redi-Temp Valve alerts you when food has reached its optimum cooking temperature.

Q: Can I use my new cookware or bakeware in a gas oven/range?

Kitchen Charm: Absolutely. Kitchen Charm cookware is capable of tolerating non-boiler temperatures up to 400° and may be utilized regardless of oven type. Our cookware is safe for induction, gas, and electric stoves and cooktops.

Q: Is it difficult to maintain?

Kitchen Charm: Not at all. Our cookware needs only a wipe down with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Drying with a towel will ensure a water spot-free sheen on the cookware’s luminous surface. Even burnt-on food isn’t a problem and simply requires a few minutes of being boiled, tap water and a plastic scrubber to remove charred food particles. As an added benefit, all Kitchen Charm cookware is dishwasher safe for both the upper and lower rack.